Making Process
Making Process

非常好,那个driver太有交代了 !还有share live location 真的太棒了,而且还很准时 !

Excellent Service ! Driver is very REPONSIBLE ! They even share live location during delivery ! My foods arrives on time !

最喜欢就是整粒石头那样送,家人全部都很喜欢,很有仪式感 🤣 🤣

I love it how they delivered it with the mud covered ! My family loves it so much ! Very social media friendly

一打开的时候真的香气扑鼻,而且送到的时候真的很烧,真的有dine in到的感觉,送餐员很有礼貌也很准时

You can smell the aromo once you opened it, it is really burning hot ! It really gave me the dine in experience. Delivery man is very polite & punctual !

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